[May, 2013]

Very excited and curious about this coming tour in Ukraine / Moldova
2.05 Ужгород, арт-галерея "Ілько"
6.05 Кишинів (Молдова), Art Labirynth
7.05 Тираспіль (ПМР), Club 19
8.05 Київ, клуб "Простір" TBA
9.05 Кам'янець-Подільський, паб "Команда"
11.05 Львів, "Флюгери Львова"
12.05 Криворівня, "ЧеремошФест"
15.05 Одеса, сцена OverGround
16.05 Дніпропетровськ, арт-центр "Квартира"
17.05 Сімферополь, клуб "Ірей"
18.05 Жовті Води, кафе "Veranda"
19.05 Кривий Ріг, "Шелтер+ фестиваль"
Please check the "concerts" page on this web for updates.

[July, 2012]

Longital Video by director/animator Eva Delincakova wins the first prize at the Formula Mundi Filmfest Award 2012 (
Congrats to Eva and the whole international team in Norway and thanks for beautiful video!

[May, 2012]

We have put together for you the gift pack "Longital Komplet 2012" containing 4 Cds Výprava/Voyage, Gloria, Revoyaged and Teraz/Now. You can ask for autographs and dedications on them, individual for each album. All booklets contain English Translations of the lyrics. For orders outside Slovakia write to
If you speak Slovak language, you can also use the webshop

[March, 2012]

After amazing trip in the US/Canada we will be back to Prague to play special show with special Guest Milan Cajs (Tata Bojs) on drums. 28 March, Cub Roxy. More details here :

[February, 2012]

From today on we have launched the Dlhe VideoViely channel on youtube:
Every week from now it will present one recording of our earlier band Dlhe Diely (2000-2005) with nice pictures collected from our fans.

Here is some historical background of Longital and how it is related to the band Dlhé diely:

[February, 2012]

Take a listen to the archived interview and acoustic version of song on Polish Radio 3, programme Radiowy Dom Kultury, hosted by Agnieszka Szydłowska.

Song Pieseň Som Modré more/ I am a blue sea live, combined with movie from our meadow in Bratislava, Dlhé diely:

[February, 2012]

We are happy to announce the release of new video for song Len Letia Okolo / Just Flying By. The author and animator is Czech artist Piotr Kacenkow alias Kaczena, with the use of original graphics by Polish artist Piotr Kalinski, alias PIO.

[December, 2011]

We are excited to receive an invitation to the most prestigoius SXSW Festival in Austin followed by the Canadian Music Week Festival in Toronto. Concerts, conferences, workshops, exhibitions focusing on quality music.

[December, 2011]

As the end of the concert season approaches, we have some very special shows, e.g. in the Prague's National Theatre with visuals by VJ Kurik Brothers, or Concert with dancers at the Dance Studio in Banska Bystrica. And the year 2012 is sending us ahead some great news: Longital will play SXSW Austin and Canadian Music Fest in March! The announced end of the world is seemingly delayed, so we will gladly spin the propellers over the great puddle once again.

[October, 2011]

On the 6th of October we set off to a pupkin field west of Bratislava with Filmmaker Jan Šebík and Photographer Jaro Ridzoň. It was really in the nick of time as that day appeared to be the last day of the warmest indian summer in the past 100 years. The pumpkins were ripening, the wind was blowing and the camreas were oozing and clicking until the very last ray of sunshine. The photos came out beautiful, and the film material is just being edited these days.